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  • Personal Information collected by RDC
  • Uses Information for
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  • Non-Personal Information
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RDC Privacy Policy:

Protection of your personal/nonpersonal information is a top priority for RDC. Our policy lists principles on how:

*Personal/nonpersonal information is collected;

*Why your personal/nonpersonal information is collected;

*What happens to your personal/nonpersonal information when it is received on our website, https://rapid-datacom.com; and

*Third party access to your personal/nonpersonal information.

Whenever you:

-Purchase an RDC product

-Create an account

-Download an app/upload file

-Send/receive emails

-Share data with world wide web

-Use third-party resources

-Create phone call records

-Participate in other activities/services

-Communicate with customer service

Personal Information collected by RDC:

-Your name -Address -Phone number -Email address Date-of-birth – IP addresses

Soc. Sec. number – Account numbers -Passwords -Demographics -Purchase history

-Phone plans -Usage of data amounts -Preferences to services needed/or desired

RDC uses your information in order to:

Respond to customer requests and concerns

Provide services to a specific order

Route your messages/calls

Identify wireless devices

Comply with legal purposes

Send information about new services/products or RDC news

For analytical purposes to determine if services are adequate for users thereby improving our website and apps.

Process orders and payments

Provide technical services

Verify your order

Receive feedback about the quality of our services

Security Measures:

Your personal information is exchanged and documented. Because your privacy is of utmost importance to us and you: RDC does NOT sell, rent, trade, nor post your personal information. We use encryption (cipher text over SSL secured pathway), electronic, physical, firewalls and other procedural security safeguards to protect customer data. Your Personal Information is securely and reasonably maintained by RDC while you are a customer, or until it is no longer needed. You are responsible for maintaining the security of your Account &/or profile, &/or password &/or registration information, and always maintaining your personal information for accuracy and currency. More information is presented on our website: http://www.rapid-com.com

Non-Personal Information:

Non-personal information does not identify you personally; for instance, your name, date and birthplace. RDC uses cookies and web beacons to track information regarding how users engage in activities on our site. Cookies are small files that provide information about the users browsing history, and cookies enable users to access a site quickly and efficiently. Digital footprints of your internet use are legally traced such as; internet identity, location, a device you used; to name a few. As a user, you can access controls which will delete your browsing history. When

Choices and Control:

As a user, you have rights to the personal information that you provide RDC. You have a choice about how we use your Customer Proprietary Network Information . RDC permits all users an opportunity to access, correct, delete, update, and amend your personal information that you provide. We must advise users that if they limit, delete, and/or do not provide the required or necessary information for access, the desired services may not be available due to lack of functionality. You can control whether your anonymous information is used in our External Marketing & Analytics Reports; you can choose whether to receive marketing calls, and/or emails and text messages.

Acceptance of Privacy Policy:

Your continued access and use of the https://rapid-datacom.com site, signifies your acceptance of RDCs Privacy Policy and all subsequent changes, and your willingness to abide by the Policy.

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