Acceptable Use Policy

EFFECTIVE 11/18/2019

  • Introduction and Purpose
  • User Responsibility
  • RDC Actions for Improprieties
  • Expectations for all users
  • Compliance
  • Consequences

Purpose of AUP:

In order to properly ensure access to and use of our website, RDC is implementing this Acceptable Use Policy, ; thereby guiding all users of proper behaviors and actions while utilizing RDCs Network. Set forth is our policy for diligently and legally using the Internet as well as RDC Network, and any RDC electronic communication device. By using RDC services, you agree to compliance with this AUP. RDC is not liable for unreliable internet service, nor harm to any individual due to malicious internet attacks. RDC will do everything within its purview to maintain a safe and harmless internet website.

User Responsibilities:

Network legalities and compliance rests solely on the individual who transmits/receives communications. RDC never condones, nor endorses the improper use of any network/Website. All users are expected to respect the privacy and personal rights of one another. RDC maintains the right to monitor any individual if it reasonably determines a person has violated this AUP.

RDC Actions for Improprieties:

RDC reserves the right, and has sole discretion to access, monitor and report abusive or illegal information that violates this AUP; appropriate officials will be informed.

By using the RDC website, you grant RDC permission to investigate any potential illegal/unlawful actions. RDC may also report any violations to law enforcement as it deems necessary. Without advance warning, RDC may: Disable, disconnect, terminate, cancel or modify your access and use to our site: This includes accessing a site via a link on

Expectations for all users:

-Respect rights of others; obey policies, agreements, licenses, and laws; -Demonstrate utmost integrity and ethical principles;

-Maintain your password and privacy; and that of others where possible; -Refrain from inappropriate and unlawful activity;

-Use only your secure password, and other private information

-Will not interfere with security of Server, Software, Network or its access, personal computer, control devices, or data of other systems;

-Uphold your privilege of using the Internet;

-Abide by this AUP, and local, state, and federal laws


-Through continued use of; -Any changes/modifications to the AUP, warrants acceptance

by user with continued use of our website;

-Any RDC changes or modifications become effective when posted to RDC website,;

-Protect minors by complying with all applicable laws;

Prohibited Actions:

-Improper actions or misuse of Network/Website;

-Illicit, unethical and/or unlawful behavior, profanity, slandering; -Defamatory, offensive, fraudulent, personal attacks; -Infringe upon copyright, patents, or trademark rules; -Advocate hate crimes or promote violence;

-Interfere with Networks, Security, Devices or Services;

-Compromise software and hardware;

-Falsify or impersonate others;

-Transmit unsolicited SPAM; hacking; distribute counterfeit software; -Pose threats to other countries or pose death threats; -Solicit or use child pornography;

-Misuse RDC site and/or not complying with laws;

-Exhibit questionable behaviors regarding a Website;

-Harass or threaten health or safety of others;

-Send electronic messages not identifying sender, sender’s return address, email address origin, or other information contained in the subject line/header;

-Violate any law, treaty, court order, ordinance, or regulation;

-Violate rules, regulations, requirements of any third-party network; -Failure to take precautions to prevent violation of this AUP;


-Rapid Datacom may without advance notice, suspend or terminate the User’s wireless service; when RDC, using sole discretion and judgment, reasonably believes a user violated any part of this AUP; that individual is NOT entitled to receive a refund for the unused portion of their plan.

-RDC WILL without advanced notice, cooperate with law enforcement if criminal activity involves RDC Network, or any violations to this AUP.

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